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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you have a Christmas tree in your logo? Do you only make Christmas cookies?
A: Thanks for asking about our logo! Our logo is an original, envisioned by Julie and designed by daughter Cara, with the Christmas tree representing how our cookie business started. Hundreds and hundreds of these beloved frosted trees have been made and given away through the years as yummy treats and gifts well before our business started. People enjoyed eating these and we enjoyed putting smiles on people's faces with these frosted cookies at Christmas time. This is our way of paying homage to where our business roots began.

Q: Why do you only have limited flavors? Can you make other varieties?
A: Everyone has their own favorite when it comes to cookies! We've tried to include traditional favorite flavors with some unique twists to make them even better. At this time we are sticking with these select yummy flavors. Please note that we offer the option to create a variety pack with your choice of our select flavors for a total of a one dozen box. We do not sell half-boxes or single cookies at this time.

Q: What size are your cookies? Twelve dollars a dozen seems pricey when I can get cookies much cheaper at a grocery.
A: All of our cookies are homemade in small batches with original recipes. Cookies are approximately 3 inches in diameter and we consider this a "Just Right" size to allow for quality enjoyment of your chosen favorite flavor. Our price of $12 per dozen is set to provide an affordable, quality cookie, packaged carefully, made with care and quality ingredients, and delivered (within a 20-mile radius of New Bremen, Ohio). Delivery tips are appreciated but certainly not expected.

Q: Do you offer special pricing for larger orders?
A: We have assessed that our stated pricing is fair to our business and to our customers. We do not do special pricing for any larger orders.  All orders are delivered in a quality sealed bakery sack or box. We do not offer cookies delivered on a tray, nor do we stage them for any meeting presentations, open houses, receptions, and the like.

QHow can I get a regularly scheduled cookie delivery?
A: We're so glad you asked! If you love having cookies around the office for coffee breaks, the house for unexpected company, or snacks for yourself, consider signing up for our Cookie Subscription! You name the frequency:  weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, twice monthly, then choose your flavors and/or variety pack. You commit to the Subscription and we'll commit to delivering (within a 20-mile radius of New Bremen, Ohio) yummy cookie goodness.

Q: How and when do I pay?
A: Payment may be made in the form of cash or check made out to: Cookie 'n a Coffee and is received at the time of delivery. Presently we do not accept credit or debit as these payment systems require extra fees that we do not want to have to pass along to our customers. By accepting only cash or check, we can keep our prices low.


Q: What if I have food allergies to gluten or peanuts?

A: At this time we do not offer a gluten-free product. Ingredient labels on the back of the box or bag will provide a statement of common food allergens, if applicable, such as "Contains:  wheat, eggs, milk, soy, peanuts."

QCan I taste the cookies? What if I order and do not like them?
A: If you are serious about using Cookie 'n a Coffee to meet your cookie needs for an event or for a Cookie Subscription, we can arrange for a small Sample Sack to be delivered, and you can try before placing your order. We also have many satisfied customers with repeated purchases of their favorites. Based on this, we're confident we're providing a very tasty cookie-eating experience that also creates a smile.

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